Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is my mom, and oh my goodness, she is fabulous! She is the best person. You know when people say they are homesick? Well, I am "momsick." It doesn't help that she lives across the country, but on top of that, she is practically on the other side of the world on her delayed, but much deserved honeymoon. This is a pretty long trip and it is impossible to communicate with her like normal. She can't use her phone at all and the time difference is drastic. I want her to go home already, so I can call her like usual and tell her all my crappy day stories, so she can cheer me up. She inspires me so much and helps me keep myself together mentally, if that makes sense. So tonight, like a lovesick puppy, I looked at my mom's pictures on Facebook and realized I am so hopelessly momsick!!!