Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whoooooo Doesn't Love Owls?

I am a frustrated my classroom! I know this is not something you normally hear from an elementary teacher (I teach second and third graders in my multigrade classroom), but it is true! I love to have a theme in my classroom, simply because it allows me to express myself creatively and it serves as a great conversation piece for the kids (as if my little high ability kiddos need more reasons to talk!). I have done many themes over the years. I am restless and cannot commit to one, until maybe now! Unless you are blind to the retail world, you have probably noticed that cute, funky owls are everywhere these days! My classroom theme is going to be all owls! Last year I had a rock n' roll theme and I just didn't feel real excited or inspired by it. I had a life size Elvis poster, but every time an adult came into my room they assumed I was some die hard Elvis fan (one substitute teacher even asked me to judge in an Elvis impersonator contest!!). If I am going to slave away in my classroom for nine months out of the year, I like to be surrounded by whimsical and lovely things. People have been asking me what kind of owl things I am looking for and all I can say is that I only like cute owls. I know that sounds strange, but there are some weird and scary looking owls out there. Luckily, there are a lot of teacher materials out there with an owl motif. I managed to find a calendar, job board, border, and even these nametags.

Why stop at the usual "teacher" decorations? I found this statuesque wooden owl for CHEAP at a Z Gallerie and snagged it. He looks so scholarly standing on the books. I knew he had to be mine. I am brainstorming a name for him. My kids eat stuff like that right up! I am leaning toward Theodore....any thoughts?

This white umbrella stand is going to hold all my meter sticks. You may be asking yourself, "How many meter sticks can one teacher have?" To answer your question...I have probably at least fifteen! Anyone who is well versed in the world of Everyday Math knows that your math series comes VERY well stocked with manipulatives!

While in Arizona, my mom surprised me with this owl paperweight for my desk at school.

I also could not resist this charming owl timer for my desk. Yes, I have a high tech timer on my computer that I can use on my high tech projector, but this is an OWL timer!!!

At Francesca's (a really unique store), I also found this pillow that will fit nicely on my rocking chair.

These are my favorite stuffed owls. Their names are Penny and Joy and they will join my family of owls in the classroom.

I found these two little funky owls at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. They do not yet have names. here's the part where you will think that I am a little out of control (if you didn't think that already). While at Francesca's, I spotted this fabulous owl ring. Do I need a ring with a be-spectacled owl wearing cat eye blue glasses? The answer is yes, of course. I learned a long time ago that I am happiest as a teacher, if I just be myself. I am a girl of whimsy. I wear big earrings and crazy cocktail rings, and I am proud of it. I am happiest when I allow myself to be my weirdo self at school. The students appreciate it and remember it, and it makes me happy. The kiddos will think this owl ring is so crazy! (because it totally is) I love to shock them! It keeps them on their toes! Plus, the ring was all of five bucks!

So this is just a preview of my owl fabulous classroom. I realize some of you are thinking, "Who the heck cares?" Well, then.....why are you reading this?! I post things that make me happy, and whoooooo doesn't love owls?

Someday I hope one of my students (all grown up) will say, "Remember that crazy owl lady that we had in second grade? She was my favorite teacher!"