Friday, September 16, 2011

Holy Cuteness, Batman!

This is my youngest brother Daniel and his wife Amber. Let me tell you about these two crazy kids. The first time I ever met Amber was at my daughter's one year old birthday party. My first reaction was, "What on earth? Daniel brought a girl???" Then when this particular girl continued to hang around him year after year, the two of them just kind of started to morph into one big squishy mushy ball of cuteness. These two are cute. I mean they are "gag me with a spoon" cute. They gaze into each other's eyes in front of anyone and everyone. She lays her head in his lap and he pets her hair at family functions. We honestly don't know whether we should laugh or cry from the sweetness that oozes out of them. Sometimes we even wonder if they need the cuteness slapped right out of them.

When they got their engagement photos done (with the fabulous Stephanie Stewart of Stewart Imagery), they even wore a cute little Batman mask to show a glimpse into Daniel's other true heart's desire....Batman. He has been having an affair with Batman since he was old enough to speak.

Then when they had their actual wedding pictures taken on the big day this summer, Daniel once again showed his love for the caped crusader.

Now this cute couple has done it again. They have gotten a disgustingly cute little dog. I don't even like dogs, but this dog is just about the cutest I have ever seen. If I knew how to make the photo bigger, I would....sorry! Now they can be a little crazy cute family of three living their dreams in Hollywood. Oh, wait...did I forget that part? Yes, they actually have moved right outside of Hollywood. Daniel is an intern at Ashton Kutcher's production company and a grad student studying cinematography at Chapman University. Amber, each week, experiments with making new cute cupcakes to send with Daniel to his production meetings for his internship. Yes, she loves creating fabulous, cute baked goods. They spend their cute days together in Cali. Now they will add this sweet little dog to their days of cuteness.

The dog's name is Bruce Wayne. Yep, Bruce Wayne.

I am not sure where I am going with all this. 1. I miss them both terribly. 2. I wish people in my family would stop buying dogs, since i am allergic (Is this a pattern of family trying to keep me away from their homes?) 3. I secretly wish I could live my life so cutely.

Yes, all of the above. I thought Daniel came from a family of dog haters.

In an old original Batman episode, Robin is quoted to have said, "You she-devil! Have you short circuited Batman's brain?"

The answer is once again yes.

P.S. I love you Daniel and Amber!

(The first two images were by Stephanie Stewart of Stewart Imagery. The third image was by Ashley Nelson. The last image was by the she-devil herself.).


Beth Terry Merchant said...

Awe, You're all SUPER cute :)

Mom said...

They are the cutest little couple and the dog is painfully cute. Did I ever tell you that Aunt Lori and I had a puppy named Bruce Wayne in the 60's? No where near cute as this puppy. he will stay small and be forever cute. Too cute! Runs in our family!