Friday, November 18, 2011

This Blog is Not Dead

So my mom emailed me today. She said to get back on the blog because it had been too long. Funny because I had been thinking about it for weeks. For those of you that have read this blog since the beginning, you may remember a post a long time ago where I said that in hard times, I blog less. I lose my inspiration. I lose myself for awhile. Well, I am in one of those times right now. Don't get me wrong....some very happy, magical things have happened in the last couple of months. Then there have been days like today. Days where being a mother of two trying to balance two jobs gets the best of me. I am learning some tough life lessons lately. For years, my mom has been saying adamantly that nothing matters to her more than her own family. I couldn't agree more. Now that I am experiencing the cruel realities of the adult world, I totally understand. If I could just stick my family in a happy bubble, I would be content. The hard part about being a blogger is that when times get tough, that is when you need to write the most. Unfortunately, those are also the things that are too personal for the blog. So you are stuck.

I don't know a lot of things right now.

But, mom, I do know one thing. This blog is not dead!


Mom said...

You need to blog on days like this. Cuz Mama said there will be days like this. Work and friends are lovely things , but at the end of the day only family matters.

Amber Risk said...

i like what you wrote, i like what your mom wrote even better*

Elizabeth said...

Ummm, I couldn't relate more! I've got like 4-5 posts in my mind, but I can't find the time to sit down and write them, and yes, those are the days when I feel the need to blog the most. Life is busy!