Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday I put on my socially conscious shoes (Tom's), went through Starbucks drive-thru, and drove to Ikea with my husband and two daughters.

Tom's, Starbucks, Ikea

Do you see a theme here? Yep, I am knee deep in my thirties. Hahaha!

I texted one of my brother's these thoughts and he basically said that I am a total loser. He in his twenties.

At Ikea, it felt like a big reunion of everyone who was ever born in the 1970s. Smiling over their $2.99 plates of meatballs. Furiously writing down Swedish names of furniture with golf pencils. Marveling at how cheap the Poang chairs are.

On the way home, I woke myself up by snorting loudly in the car. My husband and daughters laughed hysterically that my own snort/snore woke me up.

Yep, I am knee deep in my thirties.


Amber Risk said...

there's nothing funny about getting starbucks while going to ikea with toms shoes on! thats the american dream! lol*
plus it sounds like a fun day!