Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cortney and Me

A long while back I dedicated a post to my favorite husband/wife designers, Robert and Cortney Novogratz. Here is my post about their show on Bravo, called Nine by Design.

They have a new show on Bravo called Home by Novogratz, which I love even more than their first show! This show is SOOOOO me. I love their style, their personalities, the way they treat people, etc. I love how they interact with their SEVEN children! Yep, seven. We have been recording every episode on the DVR and watching it as a family. Did I mention that I LOOOOVE how my husband appreciates these shows too?? Swoon! We spent Friday night getting caught up on Project Runway and Home by Novogratz, and it hit me how very lucky I am to have a guy that not only will watch the shows, but appreciates them! We actually discuss the designs together! My kids love it too, which is an extra bonus.

I am telling you all this to build some background on what I am about to tell you......something very nerdy that I am about to tell you. On a whim last night, I sent a friend request on Facebook to......wait for it.......Cortney Novogratz's personal page. I sent her a quick note about what a fan I am (yes, I felt like a total creeper). This morning when I woke up, CORTNEY NOVOGRATZ ACCEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST. I was so excited.

Don't you dare think,"But Lindsay, Cortney probably accepts all friend requests since she has over 1,000 friends." Of course, I know that could be true. But then again, I know high school/college students with over 1,000 friends. So I am just going to hold on to the belief that Cortney Novogratz and I are now friends.

Cortney, if you read this, I really need you and Robert to come and do something about my very large blank wall above my couch. Actually, since we are now friends, I may just message you on Facebook.

P.S. I promise I am not a stalker.