Saturday, January 7, 2012

Convertibles, January, Indiana

Now those are three words that you never see together!
Today, since our temps were in the high 40s, I took the girls out to drive the cars they got from Santa. Avery got a hot pink Barbie Jeep and Piper got a hot pink Barbie Mustang. Later I will attempt to post the video of the girls when they opened the letter from our Elf on the Shelf, telling them that Santa brought gifts that were too big to fit inside the house. Their reaction was priceless.

As I followed the girls around our culdesac and down our street, I was hit was some Mommy tears. I got all teary watching them, which rarely happens! I got caught up in the pure joy of it all! Long hair blowing in the breeze, glamorous sunglasses, big imaginations. I want to freeze these moments in time. Two sisters just loving life and each other!

I loved that the girls stopped to "get gas." They also discovered that you can open the hood of the cars, which led to several "repairs." I was a proud Mama when we discussed how girls can fix their own cars because girls can do anything! Duh!

I would like to thank global warming for making this post possible!


Amber Risk said...

I'm glad the girls were able to drive with the top down!!