Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Deck the Halls 2011

I have not yet put away all of our Christmas decorations, but probably will this weekend. Last year I shared some of my favorite pictures of our Christmas decorations, so I thought I would do the same now.

This was a fun little corner near our dining room. I put my collection of Lenox snowmen all together, along with the wall decoration that I bought at Target last year. I wanted everything to have a retro/vintage look to it, and I think it did! You can kind of see my vintage window frame....I put vintage wrapping paper on each pane of glass for a fun change just for the holidays.

This year a dream came true for me....having a white Christmas tree! The new white tree was such a bargain. I love having two trees now. The white tree is in the sunroom and is my fun, girly tree. The larger traditional tree is in the family room and has all of our colorful family ornaments on it. The day we bought the white tree, I also saw this stunning tree topper that looked like a giant Swarovski crystal. Hello, bling!

Here is a close-up of the white tree with white lights. Even before the ornaments were put up, it looked beautiful!

I was EXTREMELY picky about what ornaments were to go on my special girly tree. I wanted the ornaments to have a certain color and have a vintage quality. I dragged my entire family (poor hubby!!) to every store I could think of to find ornaments like the vision in my head. I finally found them at Michael's! I love how the tree turned out. It almost looked good enought to eat....if that makes sense, considering it is a Christmas tree!

Don't get me wrong, I love my family ornaments. However, there is something really special about having a tree all to yourself!


Mom said...

I totally "get" the girly tree for yourself. It made a wonderful special tree for Santa gifts. girly tree for my girly girls! :) I have started checking your blog everyday again. Good focus grasshopper! Stay on the plan for all your ideas you shared with me regarding your goals.

Anonymous said...

That tree topper is amazing. Where did you find it?