Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conversations in the Explorer: #1

I am starting a new series of posts revolving around the ridiculous conversations that occur in my Explorer between my two daughters and myself....sometimes even the hubby. I can't make this stuff up, and why would I? My kids are quirky and so am I. We really can't help it.

Here is tonight's conversation:

Me: Avery, you need a bath when we get home. You smell like the outside.
Avery: What does that mean?
Me: You know....that outside, boy smell. You smell like sweat.
Avery: No, I do not. How do you know it isn't yourself that you smell?
Me: Because I know.
Avery: I don't smell like sweat.
Me: Yes, you do, and you are taking a bath.
(enter Piper into the conversation....she is notorious for joining conversations late in the game and for her witty one liners)
Piper: Well, I smell like chicken.

There you have it, friends. Conversations in the Explorer: #1.

Have a good night!


Mom said...

I have had many of the same conversations over the years AND the pleasure of listening to the Explorer conversations. I cant wait!!! thanks for getting back to your blog. I check everyday!

Amber Risk said...

haha* funny girls!*