Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mending my Broken Heart

I doubt anybody reads this stuff anymore....I have been anti-writing on my blog for awhile. So typing this is just therapy for me. The last two weeks have been heart breaking for me. Let's just say I planned something to perfection for over a year, dreamed about it nonstop, carried out the plan, and it didn't work out and ended in heartbreak. Life came to a halt. Finally....finally, this weekend I am feeling some healing going on in this heart of mine.

Today was a happy day with many blessings. My sweet family slept in late. I drank my favorite coffee. We laid around for awhile in our pajamas, then left the house. We drove through the country with the new Mumford and Sons CD blaring in our car. We learned that Mumford and Sons makes Avery sing like she is Irish. We drove through some of the most beautiful fall foliage. We went out to lunch together, went shopping, laughed, and had fun together as a family. We rolled our eyes as the girls and I took my husband to Justice and Old Navy, where he acted like a goofy dad the whole time. I let Piper pretend to put makeup on me and do my nails. I watched a silly Bollywood movie that made me smile and want to dance. I got a care package from my mom with some "As Seen on TV" goodies. It truly was a beautiful Saturday.

I have to remember that life cannot be planned to perfection. Sometimes things go wrong....sometimes terribly wrong. But even in those dark hours, there is so much beauty around us. There is so much laughing to do. And so much to be grateful for. I have the best husband and two beautiful, healthy girls. Bad stuff happens, but life goes on.

I am writing this to remind myself in the times that I go to that dark place and forget all the beauty in my life. This is just my reminder.


Amber S Risk said...

i still keep my eyes out for new blogs*