Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, we are 85% moved out of our house! A special thanks goes to Steve Bain, Al Harlett, and some high school guy named Brad. Steve went on to a company picnic after a few hours of hard work, but Al and Brad put in a good 4 or 5 hours! On Sunday, Matt worked all day alone. Michael and Kayleigh had to cancel watching the girls on Sunday, so we were on our own! We are still working nonstop on finishing the move. We close on our house tomorrow at 5:30. The new owner gets possession on the 29th. Next weekend will be devoted to cleaning the house for the new owner! I have no idea what keeps us going. Most nights we go to bed around midnight. Our alarm goes off every week day morning at 5:00. Since we moved, Avery and Piper have not slept through the night once! I feel like I am drowning in "to do" list items....lesson plans, grading, teaching all day, real estate stuff, moving, taking care of girls, bath time....the list doesn't seem to end. My voice is on its way out. Losing your voice and being in charge of 18 second and third graders never go hand in hand! I am done complaining now. All of this is worth it because we no longer live in Whittington Estates! No more fireworks at 11:30 pm every month of the year, and BEST YET no more nosy, old neighbor watching our house 24/7! I'll keep you updated on our progress! I would love for life to calm down A LOT! Thanks to the people keeping me afloat....Allyson for sharing lesson plans, Suzzi my broker for answering my questions daily, and my hubby for grading with me until midnight on a Sunday night after moving all day! You guys are the BEST!


The Merchant's said...

If there's anything I can do Saturday to help, we're still coming up this weekend. Just let me know what I can do.
If it makes you feel any better-I was grading right along with you last night at the same exact time!(And I have no good excuse) I think paper has the ability to reproduce in a teacher's bag.
Keep your chins up, together you 2 can conquer anything ! It could be worse, you could be moving 3 hours away with 2 puking toddlers in the car like mom & dad did-I remember that trip, it wasn't pretty.