Friday, September 5, 2008

Of Fairies and Bees: Part 2

My mom, a.k.a Mam Mam, offered to buy Halloween costumes for the girls this year. On her recent trip to the Burg, we stumbled across the cutest fairy costume at Gymboree. Avery instantly fell in love with it as she wore the fairy wings around the store. Mam Mam couldn't resist! Ah, Gymboree....probably one of my favorite places in the world....right up there with the bookstore. Anyway, Gymboree's website also had an adorable baby bee costume that would be perfect for Piper. Today, my mom (back in AZ) and I were talking on the phone while she got on the Gymboree website to order Piper's bee. They were already out of stock! So as an alternative my mom ordered Piper the baby butterfly costume, which was more than fine with me. Avery overheard me telling Matt that Piper would be a butterfly this year. You would think I was telling him that the world was ending tomorrow. Avery was beside herself. She said, "But Mommy....fairies DON'T LIKE BUTTERFLIES." Really? You don't say. Who would have thought that fairies had such a strong dislike for butterflies? You may be thinking this is trivial compared to the huge life changing events in our life right now. It is. However, that is not the point of this story. Just the fact that I spent ten minutes debating with a 3 year old about fairies and their actual love of butterflies, especially butterflies that are their SISTERS, should show you what I am up against. Now do you see what I am dealing with? Stories like this make my mom just laugh and laugh. She thinks this is all pay back because Avery is exactly like young Lindsay. Unfortunately, I know she is right. Each day, Avery does things that I can totally relate setting down her shoe, turning around, then thirty seconds later not being able to find it. Or insisting on wearing tutus all day. The list goes on and on.


The Merchant's said...

Holy Crap ! Avery and Sarah really are twins born 14 months apart ! These 2 cousins are 2 peas in a pod. I keep asking mom, "I know I was bad, but please tell me I wasn't this bad !" Good thing they aren't together more, we would really be in a world of trouble !

Avery gets it from both sides of the family-you just don't ever see it in Matthew-Aunt Beth was the super stubborn one ! Matthew didn't have a chance. Looks like Piper has more of her Daddy's temperament-good thing for you. But we love them for being so darn smart don't we !