Friday, September 5, 2008

Tap Shoes/The Challenges of Hopping on One Foot/The Bridge

Avery started dance class on Tuesday. It is a combo of tap, ballet, and gymnastics. As expected, it was a hit! After four days of only wanting to wear her leotard and tights around the house, she could finally attend dance class with her fellow three year olds. At Dance Unlimited, there are windows where parents can watch what is happening in class. I got teary as I saw Avery introduce herself and tell her age. I got teary also when she kept spotting me in the window, smiling, waving, and saying "Hi Mommy." Now for the humor. Avery was doing great in tap....until they had to hop on one foot from one side of the room to the other. She was the only girl who didn't make it to the other wall...or even half way. Poor kid can't hop on one foot if her life depended on it. Luckily, the teacher "Miss Lori" held her hands and hopped with her while the other girls waited. After fifteen minutes of stomping around, the girls changed into ballet shoes and went to a different room. Avery amazed me. Gymnastics may be her greatest skill right now. She easily did what I call a back bend. When I asked her to do a back bend at home later, she looked at me like I had totally offended her expertise as a dancer/gymnast. She said in a sarcastic tone, "Moooom. It is called a Bridge." Soooooo sorry! I was so proud of her. She looked so big. I got so much joy out of watching her at dance, it is well worth the cheap $25 a month for class! After dancing my entire childhood, it brought back so many funny memories. Thank goodness my mom probably hasn't figured out how to post on my blog yet. Otherwise, she would probably tell the world about me doing the "Dookie Trot." It was about as good as the name sounds. I can't wait to see what kind of memories of Avery we get from her dance class!


The Merchant's said...

Sounds like you're in for a lot of fun. I had to crack up and the hopping on one foot thing-Aunt Beth was about that graceful. I think mom and dad spent as much money on the ER as they did ballet & gymnastics for me. Sarah's daycare teacher has always told me her middle name should be Grace. I'm glad to hear Avery's hardheadedness wouldn't let her give up an getting to the other side. You go girl !