Friday, September 5, 2008

Time Flies

Even though it really hasn't been that long since my last posting, a lot has actually happened in our lives! First of all, most of you already know that my father-in-law has started chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. He has also joined a clinical trial. He is responding well to the chemo so far. Continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. The other big update is about our house. Those of you that know us well know HOW LONG WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SELL OUR HOUSE. If you don't know....let's just say that we have been trying since before our oldest child was born! She is now 3 1/2. Last Friday, we got an offer on our house. However, it is only a land contract. I won't go into the boring real estate explanation of what that means, but it is basically like a "rent to own" situation. Either out of desperation or craziness, we are going for it. The catch is that we have to give the buyer possession by September 17! Yes, check the date on this posting. Today is the 5th. NO, we have not started packing or moving. The new buyer's attorney has been EXTREMELY slow on writing up the land contract. Until we see that this contract is suitable for our needs, we refuse to do any packing or moving. Cross your fingers for us! On top of these two life changing events, we are just trying to survive me being back at school. Even though I swore I would never go in on the weekend again, I have gone in every weekend since school started. Guess what I have to do this weekend? You guessed it....go to school to work! Seriously...I am not a slacker. I am skipping lunch in the teacher's lounge just to catch up on work each day. That is still not enough! The bright side of this is that I think I must have been nuts for imagining life without teaching. Despite the great demand on time and energy, it really feels like it is meant to be....a true passion.


Natalie said...

I just read this. I am so happy that teaching is your passion! It gives me hope. And I am super happy you are back at school this year. Even though I am getting less Lindsay face time I like having you around.