Monday, March 30, 2009

Twilight Phenomenon....Sigh.

For what seems like forever, friends and co-workers have been raving about the Twilight series. From the onset I was doubtful....teenage vampire romances? Let's just say that isn't my usual genre of choice. I promised a few co-workers that I would give at least the first book a try. I was proud for the first 200 pages or so....I wasn't impressed. I debated on whether or not to completely abandon the book. The writing is definitely not spectacular....especially if you read anything more challenging than People magazine on a regular basis. I felt very scholarly in my disdain toward the novel. I kept thinking, "There has to be more. There has to be!" "Why in the world are well respected colleagues staying up all night to read these Twilight books?" I wondered. I kept pushing through pages and pages. More pages and pages. Then something happened.

Here comes the part where I hang my head in shame....the book hooked me despite my resistance. I think it was about the time the heroine, Bella, was being pursued by a bad vampire (not her "good" vampire boyfriend). Who would have known that vampires can read people's minds? It is a page turner. Will it improve your IQ score....well, no. As my teenage fellow readers may say, "Like, duh."

Now for my confession. I totally ran to Target and bought Book 2 in the Twilight series, "New Moon." I even felt real excitement to know that werewolves were being introduced in this sequel. Never in my life have I had even a faint interest in vampires and werewolves. However, today I realized that Piper's hair is in the very same style of the actor who plays Edward in the Twilight movie. Not kidding. I am now seeing Edward in my kid's hair. (Just Google Robert Pattinson....then picture'll see!!!) All I can do is shrug my shoulders and sigh.


Genesis said...

Ha, I think this is halarious! I felt pretty much the same way. Knew I wouldn't like it, thought it was poorly written, and I still got hooked!