Friday, October 30, 2009

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining...

Today was a day of many mishaps. The funny thing is that every time something bad happened, I kept thinking of something good to punch that bad thing down to the floor and show it who's boss! (Sorry...the later I write, the weirder I get) So here is my list of the good and bad of today.

1. The bad thing is that Avery took it upon herself to give Piper bangs. The good thing is that she did a heck of a job and it looks like Piper got bangs in a salon. But the very best thing is that Piper did not get her eyes poked out by hair cutting shears.

2. The bad thing is that I tripped over my own feet going up the stairs and spilled my entire can of pop. The good thing is that the pop was Diet Mt. Dew, so it wasn't dark and it cleaned up easily. The other good thing is that I literally laughed out loud to myself at how ridiculous it is to trip over my own feet while going upstairs. That was not the first time.

3. The bad thing is that I cannot afford to fly to the Ellen Degeneres show on Monday for a filming that involves my student and a project that she did in my class that I submitted to the show. Flying, staying in a hotel, and transportation would cost over $1500! The show only pays the way for the child and one parent....not the teacher. The good thing is that HELLO, MY STUDENT IS GOING TO BE ON THE ELLEN SHOW BECAUSE OF A PROJECT SHE DID IN MY CLASS! The show will air next Friday! I am so proud! More to come on that story in a later posting.

4. The bad thing is that it rained cats and dogs all day, which led to our trip to Zoo Boo to be cancelled. Today was the last day for Zoo Boo. The good thing is that we went as a family to storytime (with the girls in their costumes) at Barnes & Noble tonight instead.

5. The bad thing is that Avery tearfully accused me of buying the new Michael Buble CD in an attempt to "not ever let her listen to the Hannah Montana CD again" while riding in the car. The good thing is that she was right. My daughter is a smart cookie.

6. The bad thing is that potentially my most important real estate client of all time did not hear back about her offer today. This means that we lost yet another work week to waiting on a bank. The good thing is that this real estate client is one of my best friends and will not hold it against me that her life is currently being put on hold.

7. The bad thing is that Piper slipped on the tile when I got her out of the bathtub today. Her little naked body smacked the ground hard and her head got seriously bonked. The good news is that she did not get hurt and that she is now clean. The very best thing though is that despite being forced into a haircut against her will and having her mother allow her to walk in unsafe conditions after bath time, she still loved on us all day, was all giggles, and she loves her family despite their shortcomings.

I could go on because it was just that kind of day. However, it helps to find the humor in things...especially our own faults.

Can you find the silver lining to your "cloud?"


The Merchant's said...

Nothing about the 2nd Haircut this week? How could you forget...or are you waiting for another post ? How did the costumes turn out ? I'm sure they were a hit at story time. Don't worry about your real estate client, I'm sure they know that your hands are tied. You can only do so much!

Tell my 2 best nieces Happy Halloween ! Hope today is better !

The Merchant's said...

So I'm totally dumb and read right over #1 ! It's WAY to early for me to be up on a Saturday (that's Chloe!)