Thursday, October 29, 2009

Before and After

Two nights ago, my hair looked like this. Red, very straight, very long, very blah.
Almost Fraggle like.

Not really. I just really hate Fraggles. Fraggle Rock was boring, and I don't like boring. Here's the thing. I love long hair. I love short hair. I get easily bored. My husband claims to not care about the cut, but he has big opinions about the color. He thinks that I look much better as a brunette (my natural color) than a redhead.

I think he might be right.

Shhhh! Don't tell him though.

So I went to my friend Elisha and had her give me a new do' for Fall/Winter. I feel so much more myself with a short haircut. It's sassier. And I like being sassy. Avery told me that if I cut my hair like this, she would make me smell her foot. Those are her exact words. She was not happy with me when I got home, but she forgot about the whole foot smelling thing.

Can you believe what a difference two days can make? I feel like a whole new me...maybe I'll wake up early tomorrow and start exercising.

OR MAYBE NOT! Some things never change.

What is your worst hair disaster? 80s bangs? Bad perm?
Post a comment and share!


Doug said...

My worst hair disaster is right now, as it slowly disappears :(

Beth said...

First, don't make fun of Fraggles, your youngest will soon resemble one if she truley received the "Terry curse". Second, your hair rocks!!! I hope mine gets some of that sassy style after it grows a bit more.

My worst hair-the Terry curse of ultra thick, coarse, waves. It is also my joy because it reminds me daily of my daddy! Worst cut was the first time I had it cut shorter ala 4th grade school pic, YUCK !!!

Annie said...

I think your hair looks great!