Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fonz

Recently, my sis-in-law pointed out that Avery puts her thumbs up so much in pictures that we should start calling her "the Fonz." I never really thought about it, but after looking through some albums, I realized she was right! Do you see a pattern here?

Maybe one day, Avery will be famous for being cool like the Fonz. With parents like us, that may be a long shot though.

Maybe one day, Avery will be famous for reviewing her Uncle Daniel's movies....the new Roger Ebert.
Or maybe her thumbs-up talent will be useful when she is powerful, like Oprah.

Whatever Avery grows up to be, I will always feel happy when I see her give a thumbs-up!
Go out today and give someone a thumbs-up. Guaranteed mood lifter!
Post a comment and tell me a strange pattern that you find yourself doing. For me, it's not nearly as cool as Avery...it's losing my keys and leaving half full cans of pop everywhere. (Notice I didn't say half empty. :)


Lex said...

I say "Right on" too much!
I clench my jaw...
I am also a wicked control freak and I dont even realize it most of the time. I always have to tell people if there is a better way to do what they are doing.

Mine arent nearly as cool as the thumbs up. They are more obnoxious than anything else!

Doug said...

Linds, I have an employee that will email me to ask me about time off or what not. If I give him an answer that he likes, instead of saying thanks, or that's cool, I appreciate it, I get an image file of the fonz giving a thumbs up : )