Monday, November 9, 2009

Mixing Work and Pleasure

Rarely do I blog about work. Blogging is my passion...I take great pleasure in writing about my personal life. However, I also take great pleasure in working at Gemini Real Estate Group, especially when it is with my broker and the owner, Suzzi. So tonight, while at the office, I thought I would mix work and pleasure. Suzzi reads my blog...and the miracle is that despite my crazy postings, rants and raves, and general weirdness, she still seems to really want me to work with her. I busted out my camera at our new office....Suzzi knew something was up. She humored me. Suzzi is the type of person you could trust with your life. She was my agent when we sold our first home...a long, dramatic process. Suzzi dealt with me....a pregnant, hormonal seller. Suzzi witnessed my stress levels related to work and said, "Hey, you should become a real estate agent and work for me." So eventually I did just that! Now I work 95% of the time from home. When I do need to go to our new office, I am allowed to bring my kids. Suzzi and I have designated an entire room as the "kid room." I no longer use daycare because of Suzzi!

This is Suzzi. She is standing next to her many awards that she has accumulated during her real estate career. I couldn't get a close up of her because there are SO MANY awards to fit in the shot.
Here is Suzzi at her desk in her PRIVATE OFFICE. She gets her own office because she's the boss, and well, she deserves one!

Suzzi is the type of person that doesn't joke. Recently she ordered shirts for us. She said, "I almost ordered black shirts, but decided to go for something more bold." Here is a picture of me wearing "the shirt". You can see me from a mile away. She wasn't kidding!

This is me at my desk. I know you can't see my wall of awards. My rewards are all internal. Ha!

Do you see that look in my eyes? It's hunger. My eyes are saying, "Call me. I will sell your home. I will help you find a new home." They are also saying, "I'm tired. I'm hungry. My children are nuts, and so am I."

If I am ever your agent, I promise I will not look so disheveled. I will look very professional and serve you well.
If you ever get to drop by our new office, while our kids are there (God help you), this is the table in our reception area. There is a hole in the middle of the table where I have not put in the glass inserts yet. This is where our children pop out of the hole (like jack-in-the-boxes) and say, "Welcome to Gemini!"
If this ever happens to you, please humor us. We are two working Mommies. We can't help what our children do or say.


Beth Terry Merchant said...

I want a shirt, too !

Lindsay said...

I will see if Santa can put one in your stocking...