Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Cut the Cheese...

Who cut the cheese? Sargento did! They cut the cheese to look like little Christmas trees. So this is how it went in the grocery today:

Avery: Look, Mom. That cheese! It's so cuuuuuuute. We have to get some.
Me: No.
Avery: Pleeeeeeeease. It's cuuuuuuuute. I want some. (whining voice begins)
Me: I don't think so.
Me: If I get you that cheese, would it make you sit in the cart and be quiet the rest of the
time in the store?
Avery: Yes.
Me: Throw it in!

And that is how I got pressured into buying "cute" cheese cut out like Christmas trees. Nothing says "Christmas" like cheese. Since when is cheese cute? Below is the cheese. Next to the cheese is the package of "cute" mini pepperonis that I agreed to buy last week.

Now, prepare yourself. Below is a picture of what happens when you put the cute cheese on a festive holiday plate and top each cheesy tree with a mini pepperoni star. MAGIC HAPPENS. Holiday magic that could only happen because of the geniuses at Sargento and Hormel.
Isn't it just plain cute???
I do understand feeling joyful over cheese. Here is Avery eating her prized cheese while wearing the gingerbread man pajamas that she wears every day unless we leave the house. Avery wearing pjs all day....also HER IDEA.

And if the excitement isn't enough yet....I took the camera into the kitchen, handed my husband the new cheese, and said, "Quick. What's your first reaction to Christmas tree shaped cheese?" And here you have it.

And you wonder where my children get their flair for the dramatics...

I did some major eye rolling over this "cute" cheese today. However, Avery came up to me with this sheet of notebook paper covered in scribbles. She said it was a poem that she wrote about Christmas that she thought of after we bought the cheese! Dude....cute cheese inspires poetry!! The best part is that even though she wrote all scribbles, when she actually "read" the poem to me, it was very involved...detailing the joys of the holidays. I love when Avery writes poems!
The main reason I am blogging about this is because someday when my children are grown, I want them to know (AND HAVE PROOF) that when we were poor, I still bought the special, cute Christmas tree cheese! They'll say, "We didn't have much that year, but by golly, we had that awesome cheese."

Have you ever done anything ridiculous in the store to keep your kids happy? Post a comment...I love to hear from you guys!


Amber* said...

I have only one complaint~ why didn't you record her saying her poem?!!? But that was all so cute!!* I want cute Christmas Tree Cheese!*~

Alexis said...

I bought a pair of Horton (horton hears a who) ears from the Halloween store because they made Annabelle laugh. She was really cranky and we had a couple of hours before we would be home. So I bought them... and wore them... until we got home. Thank God it was a couple of days before Halloween or else I would have looked like a mental patient. Not entirely sure I didnt anyway.

I wear them when she gets cranky or when Im feeding her and cant get her to pay attention. Interestingly enough, when I wear them, she gets no food on her face!

Lindsay said...

I would love to put videos on here, but have no idea how....someone needs to teach me!

Beth said...

Sarah loves their Mickey mouse cheese & eats it with pepperoni, too!

Stewart Imagery said...

Now that is some cute cheese! Love Matt's reaction too!