Monday, December 28, 2009

Future Posts...

Now that things are returning to normal (some what) after the holidays, I will have time to blog again. I am going through blog withdrawal!! Tonight after Avery's family birthday party, I plan on sitting and blogging away to my heart's content. Here are some stories to look forward to...

  • Cookie baking/decorating with my former students and my special gift from them
  • Disney on Ice with the girls
  • Making chocolate Christmas mice with Avery
  • A review of the week with my mom and other family members
  • My tattoo!!!
  • The best museum exhibit EVER
  • and more!!

So hang in there, readers. I see you visiting my blog and I feel terrible about being so slow to post. I promise I will post something tonight!!! Please don't leave me!!! Keep checking back...I have abandonment issues! Just kidding. While you are visiting my blog, why don't you become a follower? If I can get 15 followers by Friday, I will do something crazy. Not sure what, but it will knock your socks off.


Starla said...

Leave my socks alone.

Beth Terry Merchant said...

I think your mom's had enough craziness out of you for awhile! You need to follow my new blog. I only have 1 follower : (