Monday, March 1, 2010

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

What is so delightful about a cardboard box that made me take its picture?Everything!!! Any cardboard box that arrives on my doorstep with a surprise for me, is delightful. Awhile back, I signed up to participate in my first ever exchange among bloggers. Exchanges are quite common in the blog world. Exchanges allow creative people to send other creative strangers sweet gifts. You know you are a serious blogger when you start signing up for exchanges! The particular exchange I came across was on the blog, Dinosaur Toes, that is written by a parrot loving jewelry maker in Virginia. She started a knick knack exchange so that fellow bloggers could exchange knick knacks just for fun.

My knick knack from Marisa at ...Or So I Feel literally took my breath away. Marisa is a stranger. Yet there were some peculiar coincidences about the knick knacks she sent to me. The first item was a wood plaque with a vintage photo of two girls and a quote written underneath. At one time, in the recent past, I had that exact quote on my Facebook profile page. I have also been randomly scouting out vintage photos on Etsy for months. I just find them interesting and I want to think of a use for some.

But that is not even the coincidence that took my breath away....

Marisa also sent me a heart with a vintage skeleton key hanging off the bottom.

(Insert my gasp)

Only my mother and husband know that I have actually been collecting skeleton keys for a wall display that I am working on for my house. Can you believe it? I can't make this stuff up!!
Below are the keys that I have for my wall display. I got all of these keys back in January. I just haven't assembled my wall display quite yet. I lovingly stare at my keys each day.

Yes, I lovingly stare at skeleton keys. I have no idea why. I have become increasingly more dorky since I turned 30. People who have known me my whole life better not leave comments on that statement.
After a weekend of feeling really sick, it was such a sweet surprise to find my knick knack exchange gift on my porch. I am going to have to find a way to incorporate the heart into my skeleton key wall display, which I will blog about soon.

The best part of this whole exchange though is learning of another beautiful blog to visit. ...Or So I Feel is a beautiful blog. I'm not sure if Marisa knew she was a tiny bit psychic, but now she knows. This post is quite ironic, since it follows up my post about my door. Unfortunately in my house, I have lots of keys but none for the right lock! Such is life!

Thank you, Marisa for a great set of knick knacks!

Do any of you lurkers have an interesting knick knack at home? Tell me about it!


Marisa said...

oh goodness... i am so happy that they fit perfect with your decor. It is hard sometimes to pick things for people you don't know and it just makes my day when it works out SO WELL. Plus I am extremely excited to have found a new blog to part by far xoxo

Micaela said...

Isn't Marisa just lovely? pure loveliness right there! she's my bestie and i get SO excited every time something comes from her because she puts so much thought and heart into everything. I LOOOVE what she picked out for you! and i love how fitting it was for your decor/collection! (you've convinced me i need to start collecting keys)