Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cakes in a Cup

Sometimes I stumble upon the cutest ideas on other blogs. One of the blogs that I always love to read is cakies. Cakies is not about cake normally, even though this post has to do with cake. Cakies is just a blog that belongs to a mom somewhere in California named Rubyellen with the three sweetest little girls named Brave, True, and Soul. Rubyellen is very crafty and I look forward to reading her posts, since I ALWAYS seem to read about other crafty people instead of being crafty myself.

When I realized that I would not be making an Easter feast for my family to my dismay, I decided I would make these homeade red velvet cupcakes in a jar that I saw on cakies. I did not have time to find jars, but I did find these clear plastic cups. Avery and I made the red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting from scratch on Easter morning together so that we could give them to my brothers and their fiances later in the afternoon. Once our cupcakes were done baking, we cut them in half. Then we put the bottom half in the bottom of each cup.
On top of the bottom half we put some of the cream cheese frosting.

Then we topped it with the top half of the cupcake. I pressed down the top to make it flat.

Then added more cream cheese frosting on top.

We finished by putting cute flower stickers on the cups and served them with pink spoons and Easter napkins. Everyone really enjoyed them! (Especially Kayleigh, my future sis-in-law who has a thing for red velvet cake). It was fun to eat cupcakes in actual cups. I think we should serve these at Kayleigh's bridal shower this summer, but only in jars.

Please check out how Rubyellen made these because hers are much cuter. The best part was just sitting with my Avery and making something from scratch. She is a big fan of measuring and dumping ingredients, then mixing. She was thrilled that I let her hold the mixer for the first time. I can't wait to do this again for special events and to use different cake and frosting flavors. It is like a cake and frosting parfait!


The Nolands said...

That looks yummy-great craft idea!