Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Fantastic Mr. Fox

April is the month that we got married. April 28th, 2001 to be exact. This month, please bear with me as I reflect on reasons why I married the man that I married. He is my Fantastic Mr. Fox, and he is definitely the brains of the operation, like this movie poster suggests.I am his Fantastic Mrs. Fox, the brains behind the brains of the operation. Why foxes, you may wonder? Well that brings me to a very recent incident that we had as a family. An incident that perfectly illustrates why I love my husband as much as I do.
We were driving down a road near our house this past Saturday. We had the windows down, sunroof open, and our two little girls in the backseat. In a patch of sunlight on the side of the road, we spotted a real fox! I have never in all my 31 years of living in Indiana seen a fox! We zoomed past (the hubby is a fast driver). I asked my husband if he would turn around so we could get a closer look at that fox. Without a second thought, he slammed on the brakes and squealed the tires to turn around in the middle of the road. Reason #1 why I love this man. He doesn't hesitate to stop in his tracks to have a little adventure once in awhile. We parked on the side of the road and found the fox again. I had my camera in my purse so I had my husband lean out the window and take two pictures of the fox. It was amazing! The girls were totally loving the moment. Now for Reason #2 why I love my husband. He started speaking to the fox in a proper British accent. Now some of you readers will think this sounds weird, but I'm not gonna lie....I like weird. He said something along the lines of "Hello, Mr. Fox. Would you like a spot of tea? Or maybe some biscuits?"
The fox looked right at him! The fox looked like he understood every word. Then my husband started calling to the fox and asking him to come closer to the car. I KID YOU NOT....THAT FOX LISTENED. The fox came closer to the car.

Along with my two girls, I started squealing in terror and excitement. I said, "GO....just GO." Avery was nervous that the fox would come up to our open windows. My husband took off and the moment was over. We laughed so hard all afternoon about it. We laughed because we saw a completely rad fox. We laughed because Daddy spoke to the fox in a funny accent. We laughed because the fox listened to Daddy! We laughed when I said in a Southern accent, "I ain't never seen a fox...except your Daddy." We laughed when Avery said, "That fox looked so hateful." It was a sweet moment. Later that evening, as I shared our fox pictures on Facebook, he was crowned the "Fox Whisperer."
I know this story is a little quirky, but we are a little quirky. My husband likes to make us a house full of females that is an important trait....especially on picture day.....or any day that ends in y. My husband likes to talk in funny accents and do outrageous things, which is especially surprising because most people (falsely) accuse him of being very, very shy and quiet. His girls know the truth! From the first day I ever spoke to him, I could see through the shy exterior. I knew he was quirky and hilarious, and very, very clever. That's why I fell in love with him in the first place.
He is our Fantastic Mr. Fox!


Mom said...

WoW!!!!!! I have seen foxes before, but never that close. How beautiful! Matt just seems to have a way with the foxes. ;)