Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Daily Schedule

So today I was thinking that I hadn't blogged in a few days. I had that nagging feeling that I sometimes get that I didn't have any material to write about and that nothing had really inspired me to blog. This blog is an organic creature. It grows on its own as things happen. I don't set any kind of self inflicted rules about when I sit down to write or how often. If nothing interesting is happening, I don't write. Finally, all that changed this afternoon. I always know that if I am patient, inspiration to blog will hit, and boy did it today.

Tonight this post is regarding something crucial in the life of all modern families....schedules and routines. I run a tight ship around here. Okay, maybe not tight. It sounded good to say though. Despite my laid back attitude, please know that some things in our household are HIGHLY REGIMENTED.

Which brings me to the reason for this topic......

Today was Piper's weekly First Steps session in our home where a speech therapist comes for an hour to provide therapy for a slight speech delay......something that Piper's older sister has NEVER had a problem with. Luckily, the therapist is a good friend of mine....or else what I am about to tell you would be just terrible. Today our therapy was going along swimmingly until Matthew got home from work. The girls immediately jumped up and shouted, "Daddy!!!", as they do every single day when he gets home. My husband sat with us for a minute, then retreated upstairs. He said, "I'm going upstairs for a bit."

As soon as he went upstairs, Avery turned to the therapist and said these EXACT words: "My dad always has to go upstairs when he gets home from work so he can go poop. That's what he does."

I was absolutely horrified. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. My face got so incredibly hot from embarrassment for my poor, innocent, unsuspecting husband who was upstairs. I told Avery that there are some things that you don't need to tell everybody in the world. (Which is ironic because now I am blogging about it). Then ten minutes later when my husband came back downstairs....refreshed and ready for the evening.....the therapist and I kept laughing. I didn't tell him what happened until later. Then, of course, I asked his permission to even blog about it.

The point is that routine is good for little kids. They need routine in their lives. However, be careful about your "routines" because you never know what your child will share with your speech therapist. it any shock that poor Piper doesn't say much with a big sister like Avery?! Every day I just repeat my mantra that I will survive my child being five. Even though sometimes it is just plain crappy.


Beth Terry Merchant said...

Wait till she's in school and a "big girl" and you get even MORE attitude...yes, I'm sorry to tell's not going to stop. I guess these 2 cousins are just like their great-grandpa and got the Terry mouth. Piper got the curls, Avery & Sarah got the no holds bar, I'm gonna tell it like it is and not think before I speak Terry gift of gab! Kinda like me :) (I have to say I think Rex got it in my Dad's generation...Hi, Rex ! We love you!)