Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Yesterday I decided that Spring is my new favorite season. It used to be Autumn. But as I drove through the flowering trees under a bright blue sky breathing in the fresh air, I decided that Spring is extra special. Spring is for renewal. Isn't it beautiful that after the leaves have dried up and fallen off that they bud all over again in the Spring?

Today is Monday, and I have no idea why, but I woke up with an amazing feeling of love and gratitude. I randomly texted my husband an "I love you." I feel this buzz of something coming....not sure exactly what just yet. Something is on the horizon though. I have read books about the feeling you get when you get closer to your calling in life. I feel I'm getting closer. I don't feel the need to yak about it on my blog just yet, but I have so many dreams and big ideas. Each time I do something in the right direction, I feel that buzz inside of me. I am allowing myself to just be me and grow creatively. And the more I follow my intuition, the closer I get.
Yep, something is definitely coming. But until then, I am going to take big huge gulps of the fresh Spring air.


Mom said...

I know what you are feeling! I have felt this at amazing moments in my life too. I cant wait to see how your idea blossoms this Spring.. Hopefully I will eventually be part of it someday.
I love my girl!

Wes said...

The negligence of Nature wide and wild,
Where, undisguised by mimic art, she spreads
Unbounded beauty to the roving eye.

-Thomson, "Spring"

Let me know if part of your dreams and ambitions will include writing a kid's book and we can be an epic team-up. ;)