Saturday, April 10, 2010

Martini Olives and First Impressions

Tonight I went to a neighbor's jewelry party. Wait....let me back up....I went to my neighbor's jewelry party and I didn't know her or anyone else at the party. I'm wild and impulsive like that. Actually, I have lived in my neighborhood since July and this is my first interaction with neighbors. Tragic, I know.

As I was leaving to walk down the street, Avery got sad eyes and told me she really wanted to go with me. Normally, I would NOT take Avery to something like this.....but I didn't know anybody....and I was a little tiny eensy weensy bit nervous. I figured kids are 1. good ice breakers 2. good excuses to escape if necessary.

I know I have mentioned before that I tend to be a hermit in my house. My husband is super shy/quiet around people he doesn't know, so he isn't exactly Mr. Social. I AM a social butterfly, but I am just not used to hanging out with neighbors.

So the hostess opened the door and readers, I swear on my life.....she looks exactly like Dooce!!! You know Dooce....right? Heather Armstrong, blogger Mommy extraordinaire. My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw my neighbor. However, upon reflection, I think my neighbor is a much prettier version of Heather Armstrong. They could totally be sisters though. Same sassy haircut! Duuuude.....Heather Armstrong better not be reading my blog (yeah right). Heather Armstrong, if you are indeed slumming it and reading my little blog, please know that you are gorgeous and divine as well.

I met some more neighbors and immediately felt a little sad that I have been hiding in my house since July and missing out on cool neighbors! If you saw the neighbors in my old neighborhood, you would know why I have been hiding. I am practically scarred for life by my former neighbors.....who hopefully have never heard of my blog. I am elated that I actually live in a fun neighborhood now! I may have to actually venture out and change out of pajamas occasionally!

Avery did amazingly well, considering she is Avery. She did make chicken noises randomly throughout the night that I am not sure if anyone noticed other than me. She would say, "Brock" every once in awhile. Yes, my kid likes to make chicken noises. This shouldn't suprise you. She also ate way more little finger sandwiches than necessary.

I had no idea what to expect as far as what my neighbors would be like. I wanted to make a good first impression. Fail #1.....I was the only one who brought my kid. Fail #2......I gave Avery a green olive. Avery popped the olive into her mouth. My neighbor (Dooce lookalike) looked at Avery chomping on the olive and quietly told me that it was A MARTINI OLIVE SOAKED IN VERMOUTH.

There goes first impressions. I will forever be remembered as the hermit neighbor who lets her five year old eat martini olives.

At the end of the party, I did the UNTHINKABLE. I actually signed up to host a jewelry party. Why? Whyyyyyy? I used to host parties for candles, decor, etc. I haven't hosted a party like that in years. Why now? I have no idea. Maybe it was the fact that I felt bad that Avery downed all the sandwiches because I indeed did not feed her dinner before we left, not realizing how late the party would last. Maybe it was the fact I was caught feeding her a martini olive. Maybe it was the fact I think my neighbor is a prettier Dooce lookalike and a probably a fun gal like me.

If you are reading this and know me personally, you better believe I am inviting you to my jewelry party. It will be epic. I may even include some martini olives, so please feel free to bring your kiddos.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsay,

It's said neighbor in your blog...your too funny about the olive thing - shhh don't tell but I gave my 3 year old one as well! I don't know who Heather Armstrong is, BUT I love her hair!!! My first impression was what a sweet gal, we should get together again sometime. And Avery was super great - chicken sounds and all!

Leslie Boruff said...

I wanna come to your jewelry party! Any excuse to come see you! Send me an invite cuz!