Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Case of the Stolen Roast Beef: A Cautionary Tale

Before I begin this story, let me first apologize for the poor quality of this photo. My backup camera that I am using is awful. The picture below illustrates an important lesson that was learned in our home this evening.

It all started when I had to show some properties to a client tonight. Matthew took both girls to the park while I was gone. It was too late to actually cook dinner by the time we were all done, so Matthew let Avery pick what she wanted for dinner. She said, "Daddy, I really, really, really just want a roast beef from Arby's." So being the good Daddy that he is, Matthew drove to Arby's and got her a roast beef. He got Piper an order of chicken nuggets. When everyone got home, we layed out the girls' dinners and let them have a "picnic" in the living room for dinner. This is a huge treat because we ALWAYS eat home cooked meals at our dinner table all together with the T.V. turned off. (Not really....but I hope for a brief moment you believed me) Anyway, while we were settling down, Avery was happily talking to me and Matthew WHILE HER LITTLE SISTER WAS STEALING HER ROAST BEEF. In one big swoop, Piper opened Avery's top bun and snatched out ALL of the roast beef, then stuffed it in her mouth in one big bite and ate all of it. Avery cried and cried instantly. "I don't have any dinner. Piper stole my dinner. The world is ending" and all that kind of thing. The more she cried the more Piper danced around, shaking her butt and laughing at the major feat she had accomplished. It was like her small moment of glory against her big sister. My husband's quote of the night was, "You have to watch your own food. It's your own fault." However, Matthew, being the good Daddy that he is, drove all the way back into town to get Avery another roast beef. When he got back home, Avery took two tiny bites and said that she was full and that what she really wanted was ice cream. My husband let that one go because, let's face it, when you live in a house with all women, you come to expect these kind of scenes. Because this is a blog and because Avery can't read yet, I can tell you that secretly I thought Piper was a total rock star at that moment.

The moral of this story is to always keep an eye on your roast beef.


Beth Terry Merchant said...

I would just like to point out I suggested Lindsay take a picture of the missing roast beef because I thought this was a memorable moment in Piper's life. Her first "gotcha" to her big sister. I can say this because I've been in Avery's shoes with their Daddy, my little brother. And of course Lindsay wove her wonderful story telling magic on this blog post!