Monday, May 17, 2010

New Featured Artist!

The other day I was looking at one of my favorite websites for home and garden ideas called Young House Love, and one of their sponsors caught my eye. It was an artist named Dolan Geiman. I went to Dolan's website and fell deeply in love with his art!!! By now my avid readers should know that I am an art lover. I always know when I come across an artist or piece of art that I love because my heart starts pounding really fast and my mouth gets dry!! Isn't that crazy?! Well, you can imagine my shock when I saw that Dolan Geiman would have a booth at the Broad Ripple Art Fair this past weekend. I totally ended up going to the art fair so we could see his work in person. I didn't end up buying anything but all of his stuff is available on Etsy.

Dolan Geiman creates "contemporary art with a Southern accent." In his contemporary folk art, he weaves together "the rural with the urban and the contemporary with the vintage" which is an aesthetic that really appeals to me. Dolan's art is all eco-friendly and made with found objects and salvaged wood. I love how he is strongly influenced by rural America and music. He is a mixed media artist who offers everything from reproduction prints to full constructions. I pulled some of my favorite images off his Etsy store to share with you. I can only dream of having these works of art in my collection someday!

I love the rural images in the print below.

Geiman uses birds in his artwork frequently. I just love the mixed media technique!

I got to see this construction in person and it was amazing. I loved the wood and keys. It had that rustic vibe that I love. His constructions are more expensive, but are fabulous.

I absolutely love this the retro girl, love the tulip, love the use of text.

I also love this print inspired by country music.

My husband loved Dolan Geiman's work too. If I could get my husband some art as a gift, I would get him the picture of the drums at the top of this post to remind him of his love of playing percussion. Then I would get him "Derby Winner" to remind him of his Kentucky roots and "New Orleans Crawfish Boil" to remind him of his love for anything New Orleans.

If you like what you see, check out Dolan Geiman's website. Click here.
If you think you want to purchase some of Dolan's artwork, go to his Etsy store. Click here.
Dolan Geiman's blog can be found here.
I wish I would have actually spoken to Dolan Geiman when he was actually two feet away from me at the Broad Ripple Art Fair, but I totally chickened out. I had the girls with me and they were being crazy, so I just clammed up! However, my hubby and I are definitely adding him to our short list of favorite artists!