Monday, May 17, 2010

Mood Board #1: Americana

On one of my favorite websites, Young House Love, a young married couple creates "mood boards" with design inspiration for clients who actually pay them for their ideas! John and Sherry, the geniuses behind Young House Love, do not have degrees in interior design...just a healthy passion for it! They use Adobe Photoshop to create custom mood boards for their clients and their website. My brain is literally bursting with decorating many that my poor little house can't handle it all, nor can my budget! I don't have Photoshop, but just for fun, I think I will create mood boards when the mood tonight when insomnia hits! My last post on Dolan Geiman's artwork inspired me to make an Americana inspired mood board. The idea of a mood board is that you look at all the pictures and imagine them all working together in one room. For this particular mood board I want you to imagine a room with wood or laminate flooring and painted walls. Happy Mood Boarding! (I will number the pictures, then tell you where everything came from at the end).

1. Close-up detail of large rustic American flag

2. Painted American flag
3. Pendant light

4. Rustic red and yellow chalkboard rack

(Picture didn't work- See below for details)

5. Dolan Geiman's American Rural #2 print

6. Dolan Geiman's "Derby Winner" print

7. Sugarboo Design's quote on salvaged wood

8. Sugarboo Design's "You Are My Sunshine" (this is my grandparents' favorite song)

9. George Washington pillow

10. Abe Lincoln pillow

11. State feedsack pillows

12. Rustic "Seeing Stars" bench

13. Mason Jar votive holders

14. Found Vintage feedsack table runner

15. Pottery Barn Norfolk Dining Table

16. Blue rug

Wow, that was fun! I hope this inspired you in some way! Do you have any suggestions for mood boards? Let me know in the comments. Who knows? I could be the next "John and Sherry", helping people come up with ideas.