Monday, June 21, 2010

Terry Travelogues

Several people loved my posts back in February (I think) about my trip to Arizona. I love to write about traveling. Traveling brings out the best and worst in people. We drove to Orlando for our big Disney vacation. One 32 year old, one 31 year old, one five year old, one two year old, and lots and lots of luggage, snacks, and car activities! I had my doubts before the trip, but I have learned that my girls are actually stellar travelers. I mean doesn't everyone have hour long screaming fits while driving through Tennessee? Thanks Piper. No really....I couldn't ask for better little travelers. Besides the occassional communication gap with Piper, everything else on our drive was just fine. I am convinced that Avery could ride in a car from the East Coast to the West Coast and not care one bit. All she needed was good snacks and good tunes! We had some fun and crazy times in our car.....usually involving loud singing episodes by the four of us. Some of these singing episodes have been captured on video for your viewing pleasure...once I figure out how on Earth to download videos from the camera to Blogger. Here is a teaser husband singing Lady Gaga. Just you wait for that entertainment!

Here is a picture of Avery with what appears to be a giant wad of napkin. What would a five year old be stashing in a napkin like that? Jelly beans? Crayons? Sparkly stickers? No, my friends. That is a giant handful of fried okra that she smuggled from a buffet. Doesn't everyone smuggle okra when they visit the South?
Sorry but I had to include this picture of me passing the time with Cheerio tricks. This is one of those things that you do without thinking, then you truly regret. I put it here to teach you a lesson of what not to do in front of your kids.....unless you are in the car for the eighth hour and you need a good laugh. My husband brought comic relief from the time we left the house until the time we got back a week and a half later! He is a trooper like no other. He traveled across the country with six females and 0 males (me, Avery, Piper, his mom, his sister, and our niece). He followed a woman driver (his mom or sister) all the way to Florida. He greeted lots and lots of princesses.....I think we saw at least five different Ariels! He carried Piper every single day in the parks, even though she had a stroller. He wrestled two strollers on and off Disney buses each day. He put up with very hot temps and the worst humidity ever, and he is not fond of sweating! Yet, he still had a smile on his face! On our first day back home (Father's Day), all he wanted was to spend more time with us! Amazing!!

I can't wait to share more travel stories, photos, and maybe a video if I figure it out!!!
Life is always an adventure around here!