Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Nemesis, the Orange Bridesmaid Dress

Remember this post from back in April? The post where I told you all about the infamous bridesmaid dress, purchased in April of 2009 for the wedding that is on August 14, 2010? The infamous dress that is now two sizes too small? You know the one.

Today I woke up and looked at the dress. I realized this is just a dress....a piece of fabric. I do want to lose weight, but not for a dress that I will be wearing for five hours. I am not about to starve myself to wear this dress, and honestly, it would require some starvation to make it happen in time.

Bless the sweet souls in my life who have believed in me all along and said, "You can do it. You can fit that dress by Aug. 14." My believers were still saying that as early as a few weeks ago. It isn't that I don't believe in myself. I KNOW I could starve myself and make it happen, but I just don't want to. If this were 1996 and I were 17 years old, yes I would probably lean toward starvation. But this is 2010 and I am 31 years old and I have had two children! Starvation is no longer an option. Back then it worked to live off of a candy bar at lunch, but that just won't fly anymore!

The problem with me starving myself to wear one dress is that I knew something deep down all along. I know that no matter what size that dress is, I will rock it. No, I don't think I am some hot mama, but I do know how to rock a dress and pair of heels.

So today I called David's Bridal to discuss the situation. I thought the dress would be unavailable, or that I would have to pay for it again, which I was totally willing to do. However, apparently (shocker) people need to exchange bridesmaid dresses all the time FOR THE VERY SAME REASONS. The manager's exact words were, "Honey....say no more. It is summer and there are barbecues to attend!" Then she ordered me a dress that fits perfectly as an even exchange.

So yesterday I was thinking I would post that I fought the orange dress and the dress won. However today I thought my new motto is "Screw starvation and give me a dress that fits!"

I am not stopping Weight Watchers and my weight loss journey. That has nothing to do with any of this really. Weight loss is and should be about health....not fitting into a dress.

So yes, I fought that orange dress. And I won because I am a person and a dress is just a dress!


Mom said...

This posting made me cry. You are a very beautiful awesome person. I told you when you were younger it is about style and class not size and honey you've got more style and class in your little finger than any of the skinny girls in any magazine. You will rock that orange dress, and to hell with anyone who would dare to think otherwise. My strong girl!

Lindsay said...

Geez, mom.