Monday, June 7, 2010


When Piper was a little baby, a friend of ours said that the boys would love her when she grows up with a name like Piper. This friend thought that the name Piper sounded feisty and sassy.

Add in the curly blonde tendrils, big brown eyes, and rosy cheeks......and we have trouble! This girl has everyone wrapped around her little you blame us?

Yesterday we were at a McDonald's that had a play area. Piper walked up to me holding a dollar saying, "My money. My money." I was pretty shocked that she somehow had money. A guy came up and said, "My son wanted her to have it." Come to find out that a little boy who appeared to be slightly older than Piper offered Piper a dollar if she would go up the slide with him. She snatched the dollar out of his hands and proudly marched around with it.

The best part of the whole story is that she took the dollar, then refused to go up the slide with him. She wouldn't give that boy the time of day, but his dad made the boy let Piper keep the dollar.

Yes, Piper is a sassy name indeed.


Marisa said...

She is just extremely precious. You must be so proud.

Leslie Boruff said...

Atta girl!!! LOL