Friday, August 6, 2010

Sorry fans!

I guess it has been longer than I realized since my last post because three different people have contacted me asking why in the heck I haven't posted anything on Punkin and Bean in awhile! One friend texted and said that since my decision to return to teaching, my postings have gone way down and she hoped my actual career would not interfere with her reading material!!! I have thought many times of blogging, but I have been sucking up every moment of my last days of freedom before returning to my classroom and before giving up my stay at home status! I have three things taking up my time......real estate stuff, classroom preparations, and the upcoming wedding that my entire family is in. Having this many major things on my plate is not good for a gal who has issues with focusing. Not good at all. I really can't believe that I haven't been reading my favorite blogs either!!! Instead I have been spending all my computer time reading teaching related articles and teacher forums.....hunting and gathering great ideas, which I love to do!

I recently spent a four day weekend in Arizona with my mom. She has already called and asked me why I haven't blogged all about my trip. Hi, mom! I actually did intend to blog about sitting in the Indianapolis airport. Oh, the sights! In about an hour's time, I managed to see one man in a toupee that was sliding down his head a bit, many, many ladies in ridiculously uncomfortable looking high heels, an old farmer wearing overalls, and much more. On the flight over, my mom thought she would do me a favor by getting me a window seat. Window seats are great, unless you are sitting next to an over 400 lb. giant man with a seat belt extender. I was sandwiched between the window and this man. We shared sweat. He sat partially on my lap. On a side note, he was exceedingly polite and so nice. I felt very safe next to the largest man on the flight. As you know, I get all giddy about being in airports by I will forget what to do with myself or something. I am not going to lie....I felt a little nervous about having to change flights in Dallas, but it turned out just fine. I am always secretly amazed when I realize that I really can survive as an adult in civilization.

Scottsdale was cool and rainy, which was very odd! It was monsoon time, but the weather was still cooler than usual. I didn't mind. Indiana has been like a sauna for months now, so the break was welcome. Mom spoiled me like crazy. Manicure, pedicure, massage, AND some clothes for school. Even though I am thirty-one years old, she still likes buying school clothes for "her baby." Who am I to argue? At the nail salon on my first day there, everyone else was silently getting their nails done. Not me. No sireee. The Vietnamese lady doing my nails told me her ENTIRE life story, even the uncomfortable details about her marriage that I wished I didn't hear. Then, as if that wasn't enough, a Grandma type lady was talking my ear off to the point that my mom and Alex (mom's boyfriend's daughter) were waiting at the door to leave. I couldn't get away. The Grandma type was telling me....and these were her exact words.....that she had to "get a brasierre for her granddaughter because she was spilling out of her current brasierre." WHY ME, PEOPLE? I have a little invisible sign on my forehead that says, "Please tell me your life story. Really, I am your long lost best friend." The Vietnamese ladies thought that the three of us women were sisters. I cleared that right up. Nope....she is MY MOM. Can you believe it? Hahaha! I think they just said that to get a better tip. (Love you, mom!)

We drove around a lot on this trip. Driving with my mom for four days really put life into how blessed I was each time we arrived somewhere safely. The woman is lost ALL the time and changes lanes like a crazy person. Did I mention that SHE PUMPS GAS WITH THE CAR ON? I thought she was trying to kill me. Also on the trip I had to teach her how to open seperate tabs on the Internet, and how to connect an iPod in the car. We walked in the mall two days in a row until we literally could not move. I have no idea why. It is just what we do. Insane.

I had a great time on my visit. Mom will be here this Wednesday for the big wedding this weekend, but I figure we won't really have a lot of time to visit with each other. Avery will totally hog her. Daughters are rude like that.

I promise that I will blog some more soon. I do love writing on my blog. I have just been distracted!!! School is just around the corner.....EEEEK!


Beth Terry Merchant said...

I haven't blogged since May and no one is complaining to me... Glad you had a great time with your mom. I had a great time with mine 4th of July just the 2 of us. It's nice. and you are SO right about the daughter hogging mom/grandma! Barely got to see Mom Tues & Wed when she came down!

Annie said...

Your posts were worth the wait! Thank you for providing interesting reading material for my trip home from SC. I was laughing so hard after the spanks post that the entire car insisted I read both posts aloud!