Friday, July 9, 2010

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

While Avery was feeling under the weather on Wednesday and both girls were napping, I found myself browsing on some of my favorite websites. I came across this new painting by my favorite artist, Deirdre Friebely. You can view it here on the Earth Angels website. My friend Tisha can definitely relate to the sentiment behind this painting with me! So of course on Thursday when Avery felt better, we decided we could use some cupcakes in our life.

One of my favorite places in Indianapolis is The Flying Cupcake bakery. I am not a cupcake fanatic or anything like that. It is the ambience of this place that I truly love. When you walk in to the bakery, you feel like you are transported to a different time. Everything is deliciously retro looking and of course, very, very girly. I wish I had more pictures of this place, but it is a very intimate bakery. I feel odd snapping pictures when I am standing a few feet away from the people behind the counter!For cupcake lovers, this place is cupcake heaven. The menu is amazing. Whoever owns this bakery makes such an effort at making every detail so beautiful and special.

After a day of having a fever, I would say a cupcake can cure all ills!

Even the chairs are lovely. Each chair looks unique with different fabric and paint colors. I wish my entire kitchen were this cute.

Everybody needs a cupcake once in awhile and a dose of cuteness never hurts too!