Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dedicated to me...

Wednesday was my birthday. It was good. Really, really good. I am sure I have better birthdays than a lot of people I know. I am a super happy person to the outside world, but it never fails...every single birthday I go through a short bout of tears and being sad. It has nothing to do with getting old, and it is nothing that I would really blog about. There are just some things in my life that make me sad. This year that sad cry didn't happen until Friday. My mom totally expects this little craziness that happens on my birthday each year. My mom talked me through it for forty minutes on the phone last night...the same way she has talked me through it every year since I can remember. And just like every other year, she reminded me of all the wonderful things in my life. She made me laugh through the tears and she made me forget all about that sadness that sometimes creeps in.

So I am posting this song. It is by Florence + the Machine. I would post the official video, but it would probably scare you. This nice orange background with the lyrics is much less distracting. This song is about happiness, which I am surrounded by!