Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Funny Valentine...

My husband and I had a fantastic Valentine's Day. We celebrated on the Saturday before the real day because we wanted to take our little girlies out on the real day. My mother-in-law came over to watch the girls on that Saturday. We drove to Mitchell's Fish Market for one reason...their out-of-this-world seven layer carrot cake. It is the carrot cake to end all other carrot cakes. My hubby and I shared a seafood platter to save room for the enormous piece of cake. This was our fifteenth Valentine's Day together.

My favorite part of the entire meal was when I whipped out my prescription from my purse that helps prevent colon spasms....I know what you are thinking....damn, this girl is HOT! Hehehe. On your fifteenth Valentine's Day with the same person, it is actually acceptable to take colon medication at the table. The very BEST part of this story is that my husband said, "Eeewww...maybe I should take some of that too." I passed some drugs over the table to him. So, yes, at the ripe old age of 32, we were sharing prescription drugs to prevent colon spasms. You have to keep that spark alive somehow, right? We laughed so hard at the silliness of it. So all in all it was a great date. We shared seven layer carrot cake and stopped all possible colon spasms in their tracks.

If that isn't love, than I would like to hear what is...
Romance is alive and well in this house! Did you have a good Valentine's Day? I hope so!