Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Cataclysm?

Many people do not realize we have a cat. We have actually had the same cat for nine years. Let's just say our cat is not the social type. In fact, we often say that our cat is a jerk. When we first got our cat, as a very young kitten, she hopped around the house like a rabbit. That should have been a sign that she was not quite right in the head. We spent the first couple weeks of having the cat, thinking that she was a he...until the vet told us that our cat was a girl. You may be wondering how on Earth we thought a girl was a boy. I really can't answer that. We named her Tabasco, after our favorite hot sauce. Over the years, as Tabasco has grown into an anti-social jerk, we have renamed her "Bansh" which is short for banshee. (Yes, I am always embarrassed when Avery tells people that her cat is named Bansh, if you are wondering). When people realize we have a cat there are always exclamations like, "Wow, you have a cat? I have been coming to your house for years and didn't even know." Our cat co-habitates with us, but we really don't interact. I think she lives in a secret annex.

A long time ago, a man named Charles Fort, wrote about unexplained phenomena, like frogs raining from the sky. In recent news, there have been unexplained incidents of hundreds of birds falling from the sky and fish washing up dead on shores. My brother, Daniel, recently said that he thought these stories signified the approach of the end of the world or some kind of cataclysmic event.

So this morning when my six year old told me that she made a bed for our cat and that the cat was staying still while she covered her up with a blanket and scarf, you can imagine how alarmed we were. Our cat? OUR CAT? Our cat doesn't interact with humans. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? I fear that this must be a sign of impending doom. I ran down with my camera to see what was happening. Then, just like Charles Fort did many, many years ago, I decided to write about this unexplained phenomena.

Indeed...this is our cat, Tabasco aka "Bansh", laying on a stuffed alligator, covered with a fleece blanket (which oddly is covered with a rainstorm of sorts of frogs), a knitted scarf, and a Cheshire cat stuffed animal within six inches of a six year old's face.

The cat is clearly pretending to belong to a happy family where she has always taken part in family events.

Our cat is being affectionate? WHAT??!!

Oh no....not Piper. Do NOT bring Piper into this mix. Piper, who my husband affectionately calls "Nell", after the strange woman who raised herself in the woods. The cat surely won't sit still for Piper.

Lord help us. The world must be ending. Our cat, Avery, and Piper...all within inches from each other's faces.

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Is this a sign? Is the world ending? Did I mention that we potty trained Piper in the last five days? Five days!!! I have no idea what this all means! If Charles Fort were living today, he would surely write about this event.

P.S. I don't care how cute this is...I hold strong on the opinion that our cat is a jerk.