Saturday, March 26, 2011

Victories and Losses: A Week in Review

Here in Indiana it seems that everyone (with the exception of me, my two daughters, and my cat) are obsessively checking their brackets and watching basketball. Although I am not a sports fan and do not even pretend to be interested in brackets, I have been racking up some victories and losses of my own this week. Let's start with the negative.

1. I was sent home from work with a fever of over 101 on Tuesday.
2. I found out that I have strep throat and fluid in my ears.
3. I can't breathe through my nose.
4. I missed 2 full days of work.
5. I witnessed a car accident between a crazy person and a bus driver. The crazy person yelled at me, even though I had nothing to do with the accident. She said she was going to "turn me in" for not agreeing to stay and wait for the police so I could be her "witness" against the bus driver. Ridiculous.
6. One of my students that I pour a lot of heart and soul into did something really stupid this week that was truly disappointing.
7. Did I mention that I have strep throat?
8. Don't forget I cannot breathe through my nose.

1. From my sick bed, I managed to do two epic things: 1) Sell a house that I have had listed since last May 2) Get invited to be a guest judge at an Elvis impersonator's Convention alongside local politicians and news anchors.

2. Despite my sickness this week, I still pulled off the biggest event that occurs in my class every two years: the Invention Convention. The Invention Convention was fabulous and the inventions were truly amazing. Don't ever underestimate a child's creativity and ingenuity!

3. My husband and I planned something very special for our family of four. Details to come in the future!

These four victories were enough to outweigh the yuck of being sick this week! I would love to tie this all back to basketball and brackets, but I don't know enough about either topic to make that connection! Thank goodness all my Hoosier friends love me despite my lack of concern over basketball!