Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things to Know...

Just as I was ready to hunker down and do some major summer bloggin', my computer pooped out on me. Geek Squad informed me that it was the result of a power surge and that my computer was rendered useless. This was very, very bad news because I had no computer access, other than the Public Library. So let me get you caught up on a few things in our life!

1. Geek Squad managed to recover all our data from the old computer for a mere $150 (insert sarcasm), but I figure it is worth it.
2. We now own our first laptop. I still don't know how to use Wi-Fi, so I am using the laptop like a desktop like a big nerd.
3. My brother, Daniel, got married to his beautiful, wonderful long-time love, Amber.
4. The wedding was wonderful, except the part where Avery accidentally downed vodka (thinking it was water).
5. I survived another wedding of being the oldest (by a lot) bridesmaid, survived yet another bridesmaid dress that made me feel like a giant piece of manicotti, and survived walking in a crowd with high heels on.
6. I moved my entire classroom to another classroom in my school. Yes, it was only one hallway away, but do you have any idea how much stuff teachers accumulate in cabinets and drawers??
7. I had my little girls' hair cut. This is NOT a regular occurence. Avery told the lady she wanted something "short and sassy." Then she informed me that this new bob is her "first grade do." Piper got her baby hair (waist length) cut for the first time. I am happy to report that her hair is still curly.
8. We are getting ready to move...AGAIN. If you think moving a classroom would be bad, you haven't seen my garage.
9. We are getting ready to embark on a road trip across the country to visit my mom in Arizona, then my dad in New Mexico. Driving for 24 hours with a six year old girl and a three year old girl (both with flairs for the dramatic) will either be a) A fabulous, grande adventure b) A geographically enriching learning experience c) The biggest mistake of our lives or d) all of the above!
10. I attempted to mow the lawn for the first time. I didn't even get to the point of actually starting the mower because I may or may not have filled the oil tank with gas. This became both my first and last mowing experience.

Pictures and stories to come!


Elizabeth said...

Lindsay, this is hillarious!! I am so glad you are back blogging...I can't believe the vodka thing...oh, you have your hands full;)

Beth Terry Merchant said...

You guys will make it fun! I'll get to working on your blog headers. My to do list is getting longer than there is Summer left, but you know I tend to do the fun stuff first! Miss you all!