Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Reasons Why I Love This Girl

Avery, the source of my greatest joys and frustrations, has been quite the traveler in the last few weeks. Today, as we drove across America, I was reminded of just why we love this crazy Punkin of ours so much.

1. She has repeatedly watched "Bye Bye Birdie" on her portable DVD player. Bye Bye Birdie is one of my favorite old musicals, starring Dick Van Dyke and Ann Margaret. As my little six year old belted out the tunes from the movie, I literally felt my heart melt.

2. Driving through Texas and Oklahoma, we spotted many, many herds of cattle. We got in a discussion about milk and how Avery should drink more of it. She was worried that milk came from the same hole as the cow's pee. I was explaining to her all about udders and how the milk comes out. She said, "Teats are my worst enemy." Avery has some of the wittiest, most timely quotes of anyone I have ever known and I love it.

3. We realized that we were in trouble as we traveled across the toll roads of Oklahoma without cash. After a frantic search for more change at the bottom of my purse, Avery yelled out, "Wait!! I have three dollars in my purse!!" My husband and I were thrilled that she saved the day. The toll booths do not take credit cards and we didn't have any cash at all, other than her three dollars. After basking in our praise she said, "Of course, if you use my three dollars, you will owe me five." Little smartie wants interest!! That will teach her mom and dad to not travel without cash!

I love my Avery so much.


Mom said...

My Avery never ceases to amaze me! She is just so sharp. What a little business woman. You better pay the $5.00. I bet she is compounding interest daily.