Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Girl Souvenirs

Remember the days of going on vacation as a kid and coming home with t-shirts with location names or trinkets from souvenir shops? Well, grown up girls like souvenirs too...just not quite so location specific. While visiting my mom in Scottsdale, AZ, she made sure that she got to take me to a store that she knew I would love. LOVE was an understatement. My mom knows me well because this store completely rocked my world. The store is called "Sunny and Chair." It was possibly the most special store that I have ever been inside because almost everything was my taste! The store has unique and whimsical decor and art. Mommies of grown-ups still like to buy their grown-up girls souvenirs, apparently, because my mom bought me two beautiful things to hang in my new house when we move.

The "Dwell in Possibility" picture (top of this post) was the first souvenir. I like the inspirational message and the butterfly. I also like the groovy patterns. This will be hanging in my new sunroom very, very soon!

The second souvenir (and best) is a gorgeous calendar (at least in my opinion). It has so many things that I love....birds, ancient looking text, rhinestones, etc. This calendar serves a dual purpose. It is art, of course, but it also can be used year after year as a calendar. It is magnetic and you just move the little pieces to show the correct date. My mom is convinced that I will not remember to move the date, but I will prove her wrong!!

No Arizona t-shirts for this girl! I will take unique decor any day of the week!! Sunny and Chair is independently owned and the owner has the most gorgeous dog that walks around the store. The dog is an Airedale, which if I had a dog, I would love. It is so cute and sweet! Sunny and Chair has a fan page on Facebook and a website, but the website looks kind of amateur-ish and doesn't really show much of what they have to offer. Regardless, if you ever go to Scottsdale and you love beautiful things, you must check this store out!