Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Me

I have now spent most of this fall season being sick. I am used to dealing with some allergy issues or an occasional cold, but I have been really sick! First it was the weeks and weeks with walking pneuomonia, now it is strep throat combined with an allergic reaction to medication. My body is worn out!

I think my body is telling me something. It started like a whisper, but now it is more like a scream inside my head all day long. My body is telling me to take better care of itself. Take vitamins, drink more water, exercise, eat healthy, get more sleep....the whole shebang!

I think this latest bout with strep throat is the final straw. Finally, I think I am starting to listen to that voice and maybe, just maybe I will actually do what it is telling me. I have lost sight of who I am and the potential of who I can be.

I told my mom a few weeks ago about what I call "Project Me." I think it is time that I start taking that project seriously. My biggest enemy is myself, and that is what needs to change the most.


Amber Risk said...

I hope you are starting to feel better* Start taking it easy! Ask your brother for help while he looks for another job! Use your support system! Let me know if there is anything I or Daniel can help out with! Love you lady! We need you around!*

Mom said...

Momma always knows best! :) Make a health/life decision and stick with it. :)