Monday, May 28, 2012

It's a Girl Thang

Today I had one of those Mommy moments that make me get all teary. My Avery was feeling self conscious about her bathing suit. The bathing suit was from last summer. Technically, it is still her size, but it had gotten tighter, since she has grown so much. The top of the tankini suit was also smaller, so that her tummy would hang out a bit. One hour before we were supposed to be at a Memorial Day cookout, my girl got all teary about her swimsuit.

And boy, oh boy, do I understand stressing over swimsuits. Her tears tugged at my heart. I knew it was one of those key moments. Some moms would say "too bad" since technically the suit still fit and was in good shape. However, I instantly thought about my own Mama and what she would have done in this type of situation.

I grabbed my car keys and Avery's hand and we had an emergency Mother-Daughter trip to Target to find a new suit. Nothing is worse than feeling self conscious in a swimsuit. Keeping a girl's self image positive is tricky. Just two days ago, I was fretting about buying a bathing suit and researched online for what seemed like forever, in order to get a new bathing suit before our vacation. As a mother to girls, I know it is important to make them feel secure and confident. I know this because my mom worked so hard on this with me!

Avery and I ran up to Target and in less than an hour, we found a brand new suit that she loved. The suit was $15....a small price to pay for confidence. I let her pick out a new cover-up and flipflops to match. Not because she needed them, but because I also know the value of accessorizing! In the end, I think I spent $43.

We listened to fun, loud music in the car and she held my hand the whole time in the store, which is NOT normal for her. I think this story will make my own mom proud. At least I hope so. Being a girl is hard enough. I may have spent $43 and we showed up a tiny bit late to the cookout, but this little Mommy/Avery adventure was priceless.

Here is my girl in her brand new neon suit!

Watching my girl do handstands and cartwheels at the cookout today with confidence meant the world to me. I am so thankful that I have the kind of mom that taught me so.